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Showcase Awards are open for entries until April 4, 2018!

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Please note - the IMCA Showcase Awards portal login is separate from our IMCA membership portal. If you have not logged in to our awards site before, you will need to create a new login profile.


Submission Rates for 2018:

1st Deadline March 9 - Overachievers: $100 per entry (members) / $250 per entry (non-members)

2nd Deadline March 23 - Procrastinators: $125 per entry (members) / $275 per entry (non-members)

3rd Deadline March 30 April 4 - OMG! Complete your entry now before it's too late!: $150 per entry (members) / $300 per entry (non-members)


About the Showcase Awards Competition

The IMCA Showcase Awards recognize the most effective and innovative work from the best minds in insurance marketing and communications. Now in it's 60th year, the awards have been recognizing outstanding marketing and communications work in the insurance industry and promoting higher standards of excellence. The awards are open to both IMCA members as well as non-members. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to obtain confirmation and recognition of your great creative work!

All entries that win an Award of Excellence or Best of Show will be eligible for display at the 2018 IMCA Annual Conference June 24-26, 2018, and you will receive your awards at our Showcase Gala Banquet on June 26, 2018 at the W Atlanta - Midtown . See our conference page for details. Winners are strongly encouraged to attend the gala to accept their award in person.

  • Award of Excellence–Presented to as many as two (based on the number of entries) qualified winners in each category. Entries must receive an overall minimum score in order to be eligible to win. No award will be given if the threshold scores are not met. The Award of Excellence winners will be announced during the Showcase Gala, and awards will be handed out and photos taken following the ceremony.
  • Best of Show–Awarded to one entry in each category receiving the highest score. Entries must receive a higher overall minimum score in order to be eligible to win. No award will be given if the threshold scores are not met. Best of Show winners will be able to accept their award on stage during the Showcase Gala, and photos will be taken after the ceremony.
  • SAMMY Award–Awarded to the entry voted to be the best overall work among the Award of Excellence and Best of Show candidates on display at the 2018 IMCA Annual Conference. Attendees present at the Annual Conference can cast one vote for their choice of the SAMMY Award winner during the conference. This truly elite award is recognized by your peers of the high standards of professionalism  - thus the name SAMMY representing the "Special Award from Members."
  • TaDa! Award–Anyone who qualifies for the SAMMY Award is invited to create a display to be showcased onsite during our Annual Conference. Displays will be reviewed and voted on by attendees during the conference. The winner will receive the TaDa! Award (Tabletop, At-conference Display Award). We can’t wait to see what creative ways our members will think up to show off their winning entries!

Winners are listed on the IMCA website and in a press release shortly after the Annual Conference.

All entries receive feedback from the judges to help you improve the effectiveness of your future marketing and communications efforts. The feedback will be available following the Showcase Gala.


Entries will be accepted between February 1, 2018 and April 4, 2018 by 4 p.m. CT for the 2018 competition. Winners will be notified after the judging is complete.

Entry fees are listed above.


The Entry Details contain detailed information about the entry guidelines, requirements, categories and judging criteria.  Should you have questions, please feel free to contact the IMCA office at (952) 928-4644 or via email at info@imcanet.com.

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